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RapidPakRx™ Testimonial: McDowell's Pharmacy

Thomas McDowell believes that there is nothing better than helping people in the small town of Scotland Neck become healthier.

To support their adherence packaging program, they turned to the RapidPakRx since it is non-NDC specific, uses universal cartridges, and allows them to scale their program without significantly adding more labor.

McDowell's Mac Pack adherence packaging program has allowed patients to spend less time managing their medications and instead spend more quality time with their loved ones.

"The RapidPak system has allowed us to vastly improve our STAR Ratings which leads to less DIR fees and more profit."

"When it came to labor, with our manual process, we were reaching the point where we were close to having to hire another pharmacist to verify those packages. Not having to do that has been a game changer and we are able to scale up our volume without having to add a significant amount of extra labor.

"The RapidPak has transformed our workflow by allowing us to take a proactive approach to our pharmacy practice. We are reaching out to patients ahead of time and adding them to the Mac Pack program with the RapidPak and we are filling prescriptions ahead of time instead of having a reactive approach. It cuts down on our labor, it cuts down on our time, and makes us much more efficient."