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Profits Beyond Prescriptions: NCPA 2022 Pharmacist Panel Discussion

Our special panel at NCPA featured special guests from GeriMed, the NCPA, and 2022 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award winner Tim Mitchell. Watch as they discuss Medical at Home, adherence packaging, supplements, and discovering new revenue streams for your independent pharmacy.

00:46 – Ronna Hauser on how Medical at Home (MAH) and Long-Term Care improves results for pharmacies, allowing you to bypass DIR fees, and be an important growth opportunity

2:07 – Susan Rhodus explains how pharmacists can use Medical at Home services to provide extra services and improve profit

4:00 – Lisa Faast on the challenges pharmacists face today: staffing issues, hiring, retaining staff, low reimbursements, DIR fees, and lack of profitability

5:33 – Debbie Marcello from Happier at Home on diversifying revenue and the time management challenge in independent pharmacy; How to remain competitive with big-box chains

7:33 – New revenue streams: home health services, care advocacy, adherence packaging, immunization programs

8:54 – How Medical at Home works and how your pharmacy can take advantage of it to grow

10:28 – Tim Mitchell on new revenue streams: offering supplements, opportunities for existing patients or newly onboarded patients; increasing over the counter sales through adherence packaging

12:27 – Kelby Gorman on how to increase supplement sales; offering multivitamin packs to increase revenue by 30%

14:20 – Tim Mitchell on adding adherence packaging to his pharmacy and why he did it because of demand and saw it as an opportunity

17:00 – Kelby Gorman on implementing new technology and workflows; How to get staff to ‘buy-in’ and work more efficiently with automation

18:27 – Improving patient adherence with MAH and keeping patients at home

20:11 – The role of adherence in better patient care, CMS recognition of MAH

21:49 – Q&A for panel / audience participation

29:18 – Lisa Faast’s remarks on business strategy, offering new products and services to your customers

31:19 – Bill Holmes’ IRS Section 179 remarks on how to save on DIR fees through Medical at Home